Real People, Real Stories

Brain injury impacts families and communities, not just survivors. The lived experience of individuals is a vital lens when developing policy.

Real People, Real Stories shared the lived experience of individuals and families impacted by brain injury.

These stories informed listeners of the varied causes of brain injury and the impacts of these injuries on the self and families. Causes include, but are not limited to, physical trauma, toxic trauma, developmental delays related to childhood trauma, and organic injury, e.g., stroke and aneurysm.

Four survivors and three family members provided an up-close and personal look into the
impact of brain injury on their lives. They described their struggles with physical, emotional, mental and interpersonal adaptations following injury. They also described significant challenges accessing services, especially when faced with mental health issues and substance abuse related to adapting to their injury.
All speakers described the vulnerability of adjusting in a world and a care system that has
a poor understanding of the nature and consequences of their brain injury. Each speaker
mentioned their hope that sharing their story will help raise awareness enough to begin
reforms of the care system and better meet the needs of people with brain injury.

Participants in the live event commented on the need for advocacy and collaboration to address gaps identified by the speakers.

Watch the session:


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