Bc consensus building day: Addressing the intersections of mental health, addiction, & brain injury.

The University of Victoria (UVIC) in partnership with the Constable Gerald Breese (CGB) Centre for Traumatic Life Losses has received funding from the Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions and Vancouver Foundation for a three-year research project and Consensus Building Days. The project is co-lead by Janelle Breese Biagioni (CEO, CBD Centre for Traumatic Life Losses) and Dr. Mauricio A. Garcia-Barrera (UVIC Psychology).

Importance of this Research

Determining an evidence-based consensus on community priorities to integrate brain injury, mental health, and addiction services which are accessible, equitable, client-centered, wellness focused, diversified, and culturally safe will strengthen the health of BC communities.

Inconvenience and Risks

It is possible that you may feel uncomfortable while discussing your experiences. As these can be sensitive topics, discussions may trigger emotional responses. In the case that you feel emotionally upset or uncomfortable at any time, you may leave the conversation, or the session entirely, without penalty. Two Registered Clinical Counsellors (with access to Zoom) will be attending the event with the sole purpose of providing you with their services in these instances, free of charge. If at anytime outside this event-based research project you are feeling in need of psychological support, please contact your local mental health care provider or call the BC Crisis Line (BC Crisis Line Toll Free: 1-866-661-3311).

For participants attending in-person, there is possible risk to health due to transmission of COVID-19 and/or other communicable diseases. This project adopts the UVIC Communicable Disease Plan. In conjuncture with current BC Public Health guidelines, masks are strongly encouraged. Masks will be available to participants during check-in (free of cost). Please be sure to do a health self-assessment when attending the event and to stay home if you are feeling sick. In the event you are sick, you are more than welcome to attend Consensus Building Day virtually via Zoom

Zoom Privacy and Security

Zoom servers are located outside of Canada, and Zoom stores users’ names and usage data outside of Canada. No other information is stored outside of Canada. Please be advised that this research study includes data storage in U.S.A of your username and usage data only. As such, there is a possibility that this information may be accessed without your knowledge or consent by the U.S. government, in compliance with the U.S. Freedom Act.

Benefits and Compensation

As a key stakeholder in the brain injury community, the knowledge gathered during this event will further our understanding of your concerns, opinions, and experiences, in order to inform researchers, service providers, health professionals, and policy makers on how better to address your needs. Outcomes and findings of this study will be shared with policy makers at the highest levels of government, in hopes of generating more funding and services to better manage brain injury, mental health, and addiction in BC.


In accordance with the BC Centre for Disease Control Peer Payment Standards, an honorarium of $25 per hour for a maximum 6 hours of participation will be paid for those with lived experience to attend each Consensus Building Day. “Lived experience” refers to survivors of brain injury, their family members, caregivers, or a friend who is their main support person.


For individuals with lived experience, there are also funds available (upon request) for travel and childcare expenses. For those requesting travel, they can submit a form requesting mileage which is paid at $.56 per km as directed by government per diems. Additionally, there is funding available for accommodation; however, this is upon approval, and can only be used to cover room costs and not incidentals, such as alcohol. For childcare and accommodation funding, the CGB Centre for Traumatic Life Losses will assist individuals with lived experience in filling out a form and they will be reimbursed by cheque. Because The CGB Centre for Traumatic



Life Losses funding requires a “review or audit” the auditors requested that they pay by cheque and therefore all disbursements will be via cheque.


Please note that service providers are not provided an honorarium. However, The CGB Centre for Traumatic Life Losses does have funding to support brain injury associations with travel and/or to host small groups on each Consensus Building Day who will attend collectively via Zoom.


All forms of compensation (as outline above) are managed and disbursed by the CBG Centre for Traumatic Life Losses. Compensation for those with lived experience to attend Consensus Day will be paid based on their attendance. The event registration team will be checking individuals in, and this checklist will be used to cross reference payments. In the case that an attendee decides to withdrawal (i.e., leave) for any reason at any time on the day of the event, their compensation will not be affected, and they will be paid in full. Any and all questions, comments, concerns, or requests regarding compensation can be directed to Janelle Breese Biagioni (


You may verify the ethical approval of this study, or raise any concerns you might have, by contacting the Human Research Ethics Office at the University of Victoria (250-472-4545 or Additionally, you may contact the Principal Investigator, Dr. Mauricio A. Garcia-Barrera, at (TEL. 250 472 5067). For general inquires, please email

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