Bringing awareness to the state of brain injury across Canada.

The National Strategy on Brain Injury Movement

This grassroots movement is lead by brain injury survivors, family members, and is supported by Brain Injury Associations, service providers, researchers, and organizations across Canada.

We are working to highlight the current situation of brain injury in Canada, and the impact of chasms in care that survivors and families are facing.

Our delegation went to Ottawa to bring attention to the situation and to bring forward recommendations. Before our trip to Ottawa we sent essential information to over 300 MPs – providing information on the state of brain injury in our country, the state of care, and recommendations.

We encourage all Canadians to support the call to our federal government to establish a National Strategy on Brain Injuries Act.


How can you get involved?

  • Write to your MP and ask that they support Bill C-277
  • Join our Campaign by sharing your story
  • Follow our social media accounts to stay up to date with our efforts

Here is a sample of how you can contribute your story: